Humanity is increasingly turning towards more technology advances and the speed of the modern-life style is faster than ever. It seems that more and more we are unable to sustain stability. And we’re dealing not only with our own individual difficulties but also our society faces environmental, political, social, economic, physical and relational challenges.

In order to cope with the rapid changes and the stressors a big counterbalance is needed to shift our vision, our values and our focus on what really matters to create more human connection, to re-learn listening to the wisdom of the body-mind, finding sustainable solutions for development, etc. And a very important step into this process is bringing awareness, education and practical tools to the resolution of trauma as a root cause of suffering, conflict and consciousness crisis.


TouchStudio is a company that uses body-oriented therapy for trauma resolution and chronic stress.

It is inspired in core values like respect, integrity and inclusion. 

It supports and educates people to reconnect with their intrinsic capacities to recover and heal. And so, people can find not only a profound sense of life purpose and fulfilment but becoming a positive inspiration for others as well.

What are Somatic Based Therapies?

Somatic based therapy refers to a collection of body oriented methods or approaches that are holistic.

The connection between body and mind is essential to process psychological and physiological information.

A body-oriented approach to trauma therapy uses as tools: psycho-education and your awareness of your inner world. This is done through perceiving body sensations, sensorial impressions, developing insights and feeling emotions in the body, being aware of behaviors, movement and sometimes touch from yourself or from the therapist with an agreement.

The use of touch is to guide and contain experiences in the nervous system. There are very specific protocols to use touch as an intervention tool.

Some approaches are best to process Shock Trauma and others are best to work with Developmental Trauma.

What's therapy at TouchStudio?

It’s a mutual work. Together we create a safe atmosphere to start a process of inner transformation. A place where we can meet at a soul level. It is a sacred space in time.

We create clarity, unravel awareness, process difficulties and find new perspectives.

The somatic approaches help you to see things from a deeper and higher perspective. 

In this way, you learn to see what’s difficult without fear. You will realize  gently that you can learn and find gifts hidden in trauma. And yes, you can grow. Get unstuck. And move forward in your life.

My therapy sessions are a tailor-made approach. 

This means that I see every person as unique. There is no one like you and there won’t be anyone like you.

What can you expect in your process?

We will spend enough time to create clarity for that what you want.

I will invite you to move your awareness in yourself and be present with that.

I will teach you basic skills to ground and  to center in your body.

I will teach you how to access to your inner and outer resources, how to use them and track your somatic experience. 

If necessary, you will learn to embody your emotions and develop a greater capacity to feel without becoming overwhelmed.

How to make progress in your life with therapy?

Ideally, the therapeutic relationship has a clear starting point and ending point.

  1. Ask yourself , what would you like  to take out of therapy?
  2. Commit to the frequency of your therapy. Decide it in  your own terms.
  3. Be willing to learn new ways. Process what’s on the way that troubles you.
  4. From a deep felt place in you… Make better decisions and take concrete steps in your daily life.
  5. Decide when it’s the moment to stop the therapy and move further with more agency in your life.

What's therapy not...

Telling lies and half truths.

A quick fix.

Complaining about others.

Talking and talking without having the capacity for self-reflection.

Venting out emotions and not be willing to take responsibility for the emotional wounds.

Creating dependency with therapist.

Attacking or testing the authority of therapist.

For Who?

For Professionals, For Expats and Anyone who is ready to dive in depth and leaning. Anyone who is ready for transforming his/her life.

Why Therapy for Expats?

Living abroad in different countries, for more than two decades learned me that the process of successful integration involves building a unique life style.  In this way you use actively your inner and outer resources wherever you are. Perhaps you will need to process the impact of shock and abrupt changes that you may face in a new environment. 

Moving forward towards trusting oneself involves waking up to our natural aliveness, self-appreciation in our vulnerability, reconnecting with our inner strengths, living with dignity and daring to connect in the new environment. 



90 EUR per session of 60 minutes.

Cancellation policy

It is always possible that you need to cancel a session, which is not a problem in itself, but we kindly request that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel later, I will ask for a 50% cancellation fee based on the session price. If you do not cancel, the full amount will be charged.

Practice addresses

Friday and Saturday

Rue Mareyde 35, 1150 Woluwe-St-Pierre/ Bruxelles

Monday to Thursday

Koninklijkelaan 26, 2600 Antwerpen-Berchem

What happens at the first appointment for therapy?

When booking a session you will be sent by email an intake questionnaire that you need to fill in by e-mail and send it back. This initial session is an opportunity for us to meet. We will explore what unfulfilled longing or need brings you to therapy and what would you want to get out of our session. The second step is deciding if we both are a match to work further together. If we agree to work together, we set your therapeutic contract including regular meeting times and the fee. It is also an opportunity for me to answer any kind of questions or concerns you may have about the process of Somatic Based Therapies and the different approaches to work with shock trauma, developmental trauma and the embodiment of emotions.

Making an Appointment for therapy

To arrange an initial appointment please email me at info@touchstudio.be. Alternatively, you may phone me on +32 (0)484.713.900. If I cannot take your call, (because most probably I’m on session or assisting trainings)…Please  leave your message with your phone number and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. All calls and e-mails are treated confidentially.