Savera Noriega


Integral Somatic Psychology©, ISP – UTA Akademie; Cologne, Germany.
Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner© – Stichting Lichaamsgerichte Traumatherapie, the Netherlands.
Personal Session Provider – European Association of Somatic Experiencing.
Learning Love and Inner Child Work© Therapist – Learning Love Institute, Arizona, USA
Bachelor Psychology – Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Osho Active Meditations© Facilitator – Osho International; Pune, India.
Stress en Relaxation Coach – Belgische Wellness Federatie.

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What is my inspiration to do what I do?:

I believe that Trauma is an inherent experience of human life.
Successfully processing it has served me to become internally stronger, to become more resilient and to look the gifts in the disguise.
As a trauma survivor I believe deeply in my soul there is a spiritual purpose in our Existence and all experiences we have lived keep on teaching us important lessons.

In this personal process for recovery I owe a great debt of gratitude to the many people I came across over the years: family, therapists, teachers, colleagues, clients, acquaintances and friends who contributed to be a source of inspiration, support, encouragement, information and learning.

I believe that searching and finding meaning into our lives from a wise place inside ourselves helps us creating sustainable life affirmative changes. It gives sense in what we need to do in order to grow and create a deeper perspective to life long learnings. Trauma healing is finding our way home, in the process our life mission appears and it gives direction to our talents and strengths.

While living in Belgium with my dear husband Johan, my dedication is on sharing these tools trough my work, with the baggage of my international experience and honouring my indigenous/Mexican roots.

My approach to trauma therapy is one of compassion and respect believing that each person has the potentiality to use her own resources, build up resiliency and overcome adversity. My style is holistic, existential and bodily oriented. I am a member of a broad international network of professional practitioners who’s passion is serving individuals in need and/or communities in crisis worldwide and it’s an honour to use my skills and being part of this healing movement around the globe.
And as long as I live my cause is encouraging people to become the person they envision and are meant to be.
My dream is that we awake to take responsibility into healing the damaging effects of trauma and we look ahead, being co-creators in the healing of our planet, so worth of care… Because we need us all.