The Narm Process



90 EUR per session of 60 minutes.

Cancellation policy:

It is always possible that you need to cancel a session, which is not a problem in itself, but we kindly request that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel later, I will ask for a 50% cancellation fee based on the session price. If you do not cancel, the full amount will be charged.

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Practice addresses:

Every Wednesday and Saturday.

Avenue Paul Hymans 99/Hymanslaan 99, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert; Brussel.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Koninklijkelaan 26, 2600 Antwerpen (Berchem)


The NeuroAffective Relational Model(NARM) is an advanced clinical model to work with complex trauma, created by Dr. Laurence Heller. It addresses attachment, relational and developmental trauma. It works with the roots that cause life-long symptoms and interpersonal difficulties.

These unconscious patterns of disconnection deeply affect our sense of who we believe we are, our emotions, physiology, behaviour and relationships. In NARM we include adverse childhood experience (ACEs).

The NeuroAffective Relational Model™(NARM) is a resourced-oriented, non-regressive model. It emphasizes a re-connection to the parts of Self that are organized, coherent and functional. It helps bring into awareness and organization the parts of Self that are disorganized and dysfunctional .

It doesn’t make the regressed, dysfunctional elements the primary theme of the therapy.