Become the expert of your inner world

As long as I live, my cause is to encourage people to become the person they are meant to be.

I am here to help you heal from the damaging effects of trauma, whether they originate in early childhood or have arisen only recently.

I am here to guide you to go within, to journey into your heart and unravel what blocks you.

I am here to support you to become the expert of your inner world.

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Savera Noriega

Trauma Therapist and Mentor for Expats

Find Your Way to Inner Clarity

Deep down, a natural wisdom in you guides you through the healing process of trauma.

In my therapy sessions, I support you in finding that inner knowing.

In this way, we use your life resources, build up resilience and overcome adversity.

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Mentorship for Expats

Expats are smart. Ambitious. And adventurous. These are qualities that are needed in our world. Combined with a true inner purpose, expats have the capacity to make a big impact.

Go beyond false illusions

Being an expat means having your own way of living. You’re independent. You have a vision. You have challenges, too. And you know it.

However, sometimes…

something is missing.

A sense of fulfilment. A deeper sense of purpose. Maybe a sense of connection or belonging. And you question yourself: Is this all there is in life?

I can tell you…You’ll find it beyond the superficial, away from false illusions.

Healing asks you to journey within

In your heart… your longings are dormant, waiting for you to wake them up.

To undertake this inner journey, you need courage, curiosity, understanding and practical tools.

Because you will face that, which keeps you from living your truth.

Only when you explore what’s there will you become the expert in your inner world.

Martvili canyon in Georgia. Nature landscape

Become the director of your own life

Trauma healing is putting the puzzle pieces together.

And you will find it all makes sense.

It shows what your direction in life is.

However, when there is an unresolved trauma in the nervous system, these experiences choose your direction.

Often, that means walking away from what you really long for and are meant to be.

In my therapy sessions, I work holistically and focus on sensing the body, understanding and emotional embodiment.

And maybe mystical experiences can emerge.

I will always encourage you to be in your agency so you take concrete actions to thrive in your inner and outer world.

So, you become the director of your own life.

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Savera is of great help for me. She’s very skilled and sensitive and knows exactly when to tell the right words at the right time. As far as emotions are concerned, she’s the cool guy who teaches you how to surf the waves instead of denying them, battling them and ultimately drowning under them.

Severely abused as a child, I’ve been following a talking therapy for several years, which helps me to understand. After reading “Waking the tiger”, I’ve found Savera and she’s been helping me to act on my emotions, meaning she helps me find peace. Her input is absolutely key. Thank you.


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