80 EUR per sessie van 60 minuten.

Het is altijd mogelijk dat je een sessie moet annuleren, dat is op zich geen probleem, maar wij vragen je wel dit minstens 24 uur op voorhand te doen. Indien je later annuleert vraag ik 50% van de prijs van een sessie als annulatievergoeding. Als je niet annuleert rekenen we het volledige bedrag aan.

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Elke woensdag en zaterdag:
Avenue Paul Hymans 99/Hymanslaan 99, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert; Brussel.

Op maandag, dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag:
Koninklijkelaan 26, 2600 Antwerpen (Berchem)

VERDERE INFO: +32 484 713 900

Trauma Healing And Sexuality For Women

One of the most neglected issues for women in recovery from trauma is sexuality. Trauma healing is about living life fully and completely, and sexuality is an integral aspect to the fullness of your life.
Embodying pleasure is an integral aspect of your recovery to reclaim your sensuous femininity.
During these sessions, you can get guidance to learn from within your own wisdom and inner curiosity what feels good for you and respect that, start to embrace from where you are right now and where would you like to explore.
The invitation is to remove any kind of expectation or pressure to feel or be in a certain way.
To start recognizing and distinguishing body sensations, to create safety in your body experience and move away from guilt, and shame and begin the liberating journey to pleasure and embodiment.

These sessions can be valuable for you when you have the following interests:

  • Embracing sexuality in a holistic way: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions.
  • Inhabiting your body
  • Body image and self-esteem
  • Self-respect and self-acceptance
  • Understanding the difference between healthy and toxic shame
  • Learning sensations and body awareness,
  • Accessing a gentle approach to learn love for yourself
  • Understanding all that blocks your ability to enjoy sex and sensuality
  • Establishing clear boundaries and establishing self-respect: tuning in with your own rhythms.
  • True personal power and authenticity
  • How not to lose yourself in relationships
  • Relationship Counselling and attracting appropriate partners
  • Learning to recognize what you want and ask for what you need
  • Recognize what centering and grounding is from a body-oriented perspective
  • Understand your body and your orgasmic response: relaxation and awareness.
  • Deep relaxation brings about a state of inner aliveness and vitality. Awareness is being embodied and present in the here and now.
  • How and when sex becomes vulnerable in your relationship
  • Working from the lens of Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Psychology, Co-dependency around themes of sexual abuse, molestation, rape.