Healing The Soul

Through The Body's Wisdom


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Spirituality and Therapy

“When you feel attracted to this session, you basically are having a spiritual venue or interested in a higher purpose. Beginning with the firm knowledge that you are worthy of finding meanings to your Existence and meeting your soul mission.During this sessions our aim is for you to discover your own uniqueness and your essence, and grow it through your unique Soul path.Maybe what you need is reflecting deeply what has supported you all the way along.My job here is to be with you understanding empathically with you your difficulties or pains and support you to go on with your unique journey and embody your spiritual resources, no matter what they are or religious views you might have.When difficulties arises all you needs is encouragement and nourishment in the pitfalls to keep on trusting your intuition.If there is a goal for this session it would look like a journey for self-discovery for your life and self-knowing in your strengths, talents, aliveness and remembering your deepest longings for connection with yourself, with others, with Nature , life, rather than simply fixing uncomfortable situations in a short term.”