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01 Sep 2018

08:00 - 17:00



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Antwerpen, 2018

Traumaheling and Somatic Experiencing©

We can say that although humans have the same instinctive self regulating mechanisms as animals, we often block those healing processes out of overwhelming emotions like embarrassment or shame, decreasing our capacity to be in balance and heal. When we fail to discharge the high levels of arousal associated with survival those massive energies stay trapped in our neuromuscular and autonomous nervous system and affect our bodies and minds. So, trauma is all this trapped and disorganized energy. When not discharged it develops into a whole constellation of post-traumatic symptoms including pain, anxiety, anger, depression, intrusive thoughts, and it avoids we can live with fullness and totality in the here and now.

In trauma it is important not to go deep, not to seek intensity, but to regulate yourself: if you feel activated inside, you immediately search for what is a source inside yourself, what helps you. Then your nervous system relaxes.

During this presentation I give a short explanation and some practical excercises to ground, body oriented excercises to feel the difference between activation and self regulation.

This presentation does not substitute in any way the Introduction workshop for the professional SE training.