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Savera Noriega


30 Sep 2018

08:00 - 17:00



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LUZ Eventroom

Mechelsesteenweg 192
Antwerpen, België 2018 België

The Neurobiology of Affection and Connection

Why do people show concern for one another anyway?
Are we really born for love?

That’s what this training is all about: the empathy that allows us to make social connections, and the power of human relationships to both nurture or harm.
Empathy remains both intensely important and widely misunderstood. Its influence on the way we connect one to each other can be seen everywhere.

There’s been a recent explosion of scientific research on the subject, an incredible set of findings that show how empathy and the caring are an essential part of human health. Throughout life, we need social contact to regulate our responses to distress.

During this interactive training, that will be given in English, we will explore how our nervous system and brain support the inbuilt capacity we have for social connection and why it is so important for our survival, our emotional stability, immune health and for making progress in every aspect of our lives.

We will review 4 important aspects for this subject: neuroception, mirror neurons, affect regulation and body language. The first part will be theory that will support practical exercises.

Curious? Come along with it!